Basic Carolina Challenge Eligibility Requirements

Participants in the Makeathon should be undergraduates or graduate students (masters or doctoral programs) in any major, department, or division of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, or alumni within one year of graduation. 

Makeathon Specific Rules:

  • Teams must consist of at least 3 members and no more than 5 members

  • Teams must represent at least 3 different academic majors/interest areas

  • Teams can participate in only one of the two tracks: Physical Products or Digital Products

  • For the physical track:

    • All team members are encouraged to complete makerspace orientation

    • Physical objects must be produced and these objects must demonstrate a component of your solution to your identified problem

    • Objects must be created using the tools in one of UNC’s makerspaces (Murray Hall, Carmichael (BLUE BeAM), Kenan Science Library, Hanes Arts)

  • For the digital track:

    • Teams are highly encouraged to have one student from the computer science department or someone proficient in use interface design and/or coding

    • Teams starting from scratch will need to produce an app prototype/design and will be taught the basics of Figma

    • Teams that have already started or already produced their app will use the week to code and finish, or add additional features