Makeathon Calendar

The calendar for the Makeathon will be announced in early 2020, but to get a better idea of what the Makeathon week looks like you can check out our 2019 Makeathon calendar.

Carolina Challenge Calendar.PNG

As you can see it’s a busy week, jam packed with workshops, office hours, labs, makerspace hours and much more!


Pre-Makeathon Team Match and Mingle Event

If you are excited about joining the Makeathon this year but aren’t sure where to start, this event is for you! 

The Team Match and Mingle Event is for students who:

  1. Are new to everything making and/or entrepreneurship but want to get involved!

  2. Have an idea or product, but need 2-4 teammates to help develop the idea (Reminder: Makeathon rules specify that teams must consist of 3-5 student members)

  3. Already have a small team and momentum on a product or venture, but need additional teammates or skills on their team

This event will give you the opportunity to meet others who are just starting out with similar interests as you, and/or introduce you to existing teams who are open to adding new members with your skillsets!  We will help facilitate activities that will help you get to know the other attendees on a deeper level quickly (and provide the snacks to chat over), then we’ll leave it to you to continue the connections and submit your application for the Makeathon with your teammates.

Makeathon Team Application Deadline

The final deadline for the Makeathon Team Application will be announced in early 2020. Please see the Makeathon Application page for the application form and review the Rules and Requirements to ensure your team meets the qualifications to participate.

Pre-Makeathon Lean Canvas and Customer Discovery Workshop
For admitted Makeathon participants

Want to get a jump start on the Makeathon week? Want to make sure that what you are building is valuable and people will pay money for it? Do you need more background into how do develop a business model? We highly encourage ALL Makeathon participants to attend this Lean Canvas and customer discovery workshop. This workshop will allow you to start digging into important questions on what you are building, why, and for whom prior to the Makeathon week so that you can hit the ground running with prototyping at the Makeathon Kickoff.

Makeathon Workshop Offerings

The below describes the content of the workshops which will be offered at varying times and locations throughout the week of the Makeathon. The exact dates, times, and locations will be released in early 2020. The Makeathon is expected to be an all-in week, meaning the more time you can devote to the workshops and building your product, the more successful you will be. If you have applied, please do the best you can to block off your calendar for that week and remember to block off all mandatory events!

UNC App Lab - Offers app design, figma, and other specialized workshops throughout the week.  Student mentors at the App Lab are available for drop in office hours and specialized consulting can be reserved through our coaches.

BeAM - Offers open makerspace hours at all four campus locations (BLUE, Murray, Hanes Art Center, Kenan Library), including exclusive Makeathon participant access at BLUE BeAM and priority access to laser cutters in Murray.  BeAM staff and coaches will host office hours throughout the week for specialized consulting on prototypes and designs.

CUBE - Offers coaching from experts and practitioners in the social impact space.  These coaches can help teams identify problems, target customer research, measure social impact, and consult teams on building sustainable frameworks for for-profit or not-for-profit enterprises with a social impact component.

The Entrepreneurship Center - Offers workshops on team formation, design thinking, pitching, business model formation, etc. throughout the week. Office hours are also available with our entrepreneurs in residence and entrepreneurship coaches.

UNC Libraries - Offers workshops on effective research strategies useful for product and customer discovery, patent research, social impact background, etc.